GA airports in Atlanta

I am flying to Atlanta later this month and would like a recommendation for an airport in the area fairly near the hotel I will be staying at for a military reunion.

The hotel is Wyndham Atlanta Galleria on 2762 Cobb Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30339.

Thanks in advance

Ricky Davidson

PDK Dekalb Peachtree is closer at about 13 miles

RYY is about 3-4 miles further.

Depending on arrival time, one can be better than the other. RYY is a bit easier to get into and out of.



If you want to take Uber or taxi I’d go to PDK. If you are renting a car it’s a toss up. Fuel is cheaper at PDK (Epps or self serve)

If you need a service center for anything, I fly from north of Nashville, TN to visit DLK aviation at KRYY. Also a great on field restaurant at KRYY.

Restaurant is now only open for dinner. Used to be my favorite lunch stop. I agree about DLK. Dan is a good guy.

Thanks for the information.

Ricky Davidson


Ricky Davidson


If you end up using KRYY let me know and I’ll get you a free ride in our full motion Cirrus sim located there.

Well, actually KFTY is closer – 11 miles and a straight shot on I-285. I am based there. I like it because its a towered field (like the others) but with less traffic generally. Hill Aviation is also great!

The Galleria is 2 miles from my office; 3 miles from my house…please let me know if I can answer any questions or help you out during your stay…The Galleria is great if you are there for only business – Buckhead however is where its at for restaurants and night life, if you want to venture out.

I have to also vote for Fulton county and Hill aviation. Hill BY FAR is the best customer service I’ve ever had in GA. No over night fee up to a couple nights if I remember correctly. Cheapest fuel in the area. Nice amenities inside. Even got a hand written thank you card in the mail a week later thanking me for choosing them. Have never seen that before or since

And here’s just how good they are – I just hung up the phone from speaking with Hill, who called me. I have an IFR flight plan on file for 1pm today but hadn’t gotten around to call for a pull out because our departure time has been in flex. They just wanted to know if I was indeed departing today so “they could put me on line and fuel the plane so it would be ready when I am”. If thats not outstanding customer service then I ve never seen it…