CSIP for Ferry Flight from Michigan/Indiana to KEFD

I am in the pre buy for a 2008 22T that will close in Michigan or Indiana for tax purposes. I have 260 hours in a NA G6 and 10 in a turbo G5 but would still like someone in the right seat who knows G3 perspectives to help me with the ferry to KEFD in texas with a few stops for practice. I hope to close in mid to late Nov.

Just to clarify: if it’s an '08, then it’s a 22TN, rather a 22T.

Minor quibble.

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….Unless it has the CMI T STC done to remove the TATI …


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HI Dan.

Welcome to COPA! What a coincidence it was to run into you yesterday at Wings Over Houston.

I hope your pre-buy goes well.

All the best,

Hopefully you found someone already. If not, reach out to me through email and I can see if I can help.

Not a CSIP, but over 2000 hours in Cirrus, would love to help if you still need it.