CSIP in New Orleans

Hi Everyone,

I am a low time pilot that has not flown much in a number of years. I am ready to take the plunge and start flying consistently - and I am aiming to purchase an SR22. I know i need training in general, and want to finish my instrument rating. The cirrus website does not list any CSIPs in New Orleans (or the immediate area); I was wondering if there was an alternate way to find an instructor.




I co-own a Cirrus in NOLA. Give me a call when you can. I’m a former Navy & current United pilot. Not a CSIP but I can talk to you about how I got training.

Jeff Baumgarten

I have 2 names for you. They trained me in my 22 and gave me the confidence to take this thing all over the country. Give me a ring
My plane is at knew and the guys I used are locals. One might be a CSIP now, but only in the vision jet.