COPA Migration 2022 - Live Auction Items - Proxy Bidding Welcome

On behalf of the COPA Migration Committee and our Generous Migration Vendors and Partners we are happy to give the COPA Safety and Education Foundation (SEF) the time and the opportunity to hold a Live Auction and Paddle Raise event at our Migration 2022 Saturday Gala Dinner.

The COPA Safety and Education Foundation (SEF) provides a means to enhance the Safety and Education of COPA members by putting on COPA Pilot Proficiency Programs events and online webinars for the COPA community, among other benefits like:

  • Expand the CPPP program with more venues
  • Develop WebBased programs dealing with accident analysis, decision making and operational issues
  • Restart the CDM program
  • Continue to Develop seminar topics to reach more people.
  • Develop the landing challenge program as a standalone program at various locales that don’t support a CPPP.
  • Develop a scholarship program and selection criteria to get young people interested in flying Cirrus aircraft
  • Developing a “COPA Mentorship” program for new Cirrus pilots to get them comfortable with flying their airplane.

It also provides a means for our members to donate, in a tax deductible manner for those members that feel generous enough to do so.

At Migration this weekend we will have two opportunities to contribute to the COPA Safety and Education Foundation (SEF). A Paddle Raise and a Live Auction.

If you were unable to attend COPA migration 2022 and would still like to contribute to the enhancement of these programs you can always do so by submitting your Tax deductible donation aka Virtual Paddle raise HERE.

Live Auction Items

If you are unable to attend, you can also Bid on the following Live Action Items, via Proxy.

To Proxy Bid Just PM @COPALiveAuctionProxy with your Max Bid amount and Someone in the crowd will ask as your Proxy.

These Items include:

Cirrus Aircraft (COPA Migration Platinum Sponsor) Flying Adventure

Two days of flight Training with Mike Goulian in Boston!

2020-8-13 MIke Goulian Headshots-2

Retail List Price: Priceless!

Noble Flight Simulation FAA Approved AATD Simulator

The Perfect and Ultimate Hangar or Home Office Simulator!
Even a Perfect Fit for a Flight School or Independent Flight Instructor!

Retail List Price: $45,000

Benefits of winning the auction:

  • Win the trainer without being at COPA by bidding through the attached Absentee Bidder Forum (147.6 KB)
  • Get the next delivery slot of the Cirrus Cockpit SR trainer
  • Get 3 years of pro support ($5K value) included in this delivery
  • Get the simulator developed by Cirrus Pilots, for Cirrus Pilots, in a company working exclusively with Cirrus airframes
  • Buy the unit and use it in your home with live ATC from PilotEdge, remote instruction from your favorite CSIP or CFI
  • Lease back the unit to your favorite Cirrus Training Center, and generate income from flight training on it
  • Use the cockpit trainer for Emergency Procedures and the Partner in Command training for your loved ones as it comes with a fully functioning CAPS handle and CAPS simulation

More details about the cockpit trainer can be viewed at the Noble Flight Simulation website:

Live in room only Experience!

We will have a surprise opening Bidding Item that can only be won onsite!
Those in attendance be on the lookout for that Experience at the Dinner!


This is awesome! Members that were unable to make migration still have an opportunity to participate in tonight’s auction.

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