COPA Migration 2021 Online Auction | OPEN

COPA Migration 2021 Online Auction

Through the generosity of our valued COPA Vendor and OEM Community, we are excited to announce the First:
COPA Migration Online Silent Auction!

All Proceeds will benefit the:
COPA Safety and Education Foundation (COPA SEF)

There are some great items and unique opportunities to bid on over the coming days ahead of Migration 2021.

Click here to view all the Items, register, and to bid.

Here is a preview of some of the fantastic Items up for auction:

DFC90 Item Midwest all in item

Including Annuals from:

And MANY More…

Should you find any of these items desirable, or if you would like to support the COPA SEFs mission, please consider registering to bid.

Bidding on the Silent Auction Items Closes 2021-09-27T01:00:00Z

Click here to view the full catalog of items, register, and bid.

Live Auction Items*

Item 1
Cirrus, Our Palatium Migration Sponsor:

Item 2

Includes: Vantage PFD/MFD, Custom Panel, and Installation.

*does not include IFD/DFC 90 and other Stack Requirements. Requires Existing EX5000 Install Aircraft.

Item 3
Noble Flight Simulation:

Items 1, 2 & 3 are Strictly Live Auction items and can only to be bid on at Migration!

*For those who cannot attend and want to bid, get a fellow member to bid for you!

What the funds will be used for:

Proceeds from both the live and silent auction will go to fund these and other COPA SEF programs:

  1. Upgrade the CPPP simulators to newer and more capable versions. This will include both Perspective sims and Avidyne sims
  2. Expand the CPPP program with 2 more venues (for a total of 6-8/year)
  3. Develop internet programs dealing with accident analysis, decision making and operational issues
  4. Restart the CDM program
  5. Develop one day seminars that can be given throughout the country (these would be one day of CPPP ground school programs)
  6. Develop the landing challenge program as a standalone program at various locales that don’t support a CPPP.
  7. Develop a scholarship program and selection criteria to get young people interested in flying Cirrus aircraft
  8. Developing a “COPA Mentorship” program for new Cirrus pilots to get them comfortable with flying their airplane.
  9. Develop and expand the COPA Critical Incident Response Program (CIRP)


The COPA Safety and Education Foundation (COPA SEF) is the arm of COPA that provides the Educational and Safety Programs such as the COPA Online Webinars, The COPA Pilot Proficiency Program(CPPPs), Educational Scholarships, CIRP Programs and many other known and unknown benefits to the membership and General Aviation as a whole.

While our Membership dues do fund a portion of the SEF’s efforts annually, the expansion and development of new programs go beyond the budgetary reach of our Member dues.

Thanks to the many generous donations over the years, and countless volunteer hours given to this 501(c)(3) organization, we have spread the acceptance of CAPS and instilled the saying “Pull Early, Pull Often” and “Consider CAPS!” and its direct correlation to saving lives!


What is everyone here going to bid on?

Holy Moly Erik! What a great selection of items!
The Grand Canyon tour is on my list as well as a an Annual at Aviation Resources!

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The CiES system that I already had plans to put in, and what is this Avidyne Vantage system? Looks very interesting.


Well yes, I know the official line, but do I want this?

My interest is piqued.

Is this Avidyne offering an “in person” bid item?
Also, does having a ex5000 mfd with an Aspen 1000 fit the parameters of requirements?

Yes, you must be present at the Gala or bid by proxy (ask a Member to bid on your behalf).

I will get you a definitive answer on this point and report back.


To be eligible the aircraft must have both the Enterga pdf and mfd.


What an exciting idea!!

The items being auctioned are all top notch and highly desirable.

By bidding, not only might you get a good deal on something you really want, but you are also supporting the activities of the Safety and Education Foundation, the group that puts on the CPPPs, the internet classes, and the accident statistics/analysis information on the Forums.

This is your chance to get something really special while helping the SEF as well. Please participate.



Auction is open!

Let the bidding begin!

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Thanks Erik for doing this! All proceeds are invested wisely in our programs.

I just put in a bid for the Lightspeed Zulu although I am not sure why. They aren’t very good, I don’t know why anyone would want them…:wink:


Erik, do you know about specific auction items? #108 the CIES “retrofit kit”, does that include the digital monitor, or is it just the floats? Thanks.


This is a retrofit kit for Perspective aircraft.


Is there no love for us G1 people?!


There are several terrific items for all Cirri, you know you want a Midwest Aircraft Refinishing paint job without the wait!

Midwest Aircraft Refinishing - Open Slot for February 2022

Ha! Now that is damn funny, because it’s probably my slot that Ross is selling! :rofl:

(No really. I gave up my slot and pushed myself to 2023 due to chute availability and the one year extension. I was set to go for paint and interior work immediately after)

I’ll be here all week…

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