COPA Migration 15-Best Tugs is in the House!!!

As you know, Best Tugs graciously agreed to sponsor our Friday night COPA Living event at the Nashville Palace. And on top of that Mark Patey has agreed to regale us with the Best Tugs Story and his pursuit of excellence in aviation. Thank you to best tags in their crew

Gordon, please fix my photo!!


We love our Best Tug!!!

Beautiful plane a tug. Sterile hanger there. Where are all the tools and workbenches [;)]

No tools, no work benches! We do have some shelving in the back corner for supplies though…

We actually just moved into our hangar July 1st, we were in the FBO hangar until then waiting for a hangar to open up. Slow but sure we will get it looking nice, the first phase was upgraded lighting! We had one light bulb that barely emitted any light - a week later it was dead. Got the approval for lighting so did 4 LED’s and made a huge difference. Not to highjack a thread but if anyone has any ideas for “must haves” in a hangar I am all ears (or should I say eyes).

Now back to the original purpose of the thread, the tug is amazing. The guys at the FBO that have to periodically use it are extremely jealous as well and complain about how often their tugs are down for one reason or another. The only option we didn’t get was the GPU but our plane flies often enough I wasn’t worried about the battery being dead - hopefully I assumed right on that one!

Here are some recommendations for your hangar. Cabinets are pretty good for keeping bugs out of my stuff here in AZ. Flooring is nice because it is easy to keep clean and not slick like paint, but it does expand and contract a lot with heat and cold, so you have to leave it an inch from the walls, so I don’t like that unfinished edge. Yes, I’m a little OCD at times… I have a lady that comes and mops the floor once a month and cleans the bath twice a month.

Very nice set up Joe!

Not sure how well those tiles would work in our hanger - the floor has some cracks in it that are pretty uneven. I should also add, we’re only renting our hangar. I am not sure if anywhere around Omaha you can actually build your own hangar unfortunately!

Yes, I’m a little OCD at times… I have a lady that comes and mops the floor once a month and cleans the bath twice a month.

A little OCD,Really Joe? 2 words come to mind, and the first is anal. Nice Hangar though.


This flooring works pretty well on uneven floors too. It is expensive , but easy to put in. My 14 & 18 year old kids installed the whole floor in there in about 6 hours. One thing that is cool is you can pull it apart and move it to your next hangar as well. Of course, this is a luxury, so probably doesn’t make sense in your rental, but works well. Cost is around $4.00 per sq ft. I got it for $3.00 a square foot during a special deal they offered at OSH. Company is out of SLC and it is called Race Deck.

Thanks Joe! I had looked at a few other companies as well and found one as cheap as $1.99 / ft and thought we could use different colors to help line the mains and nose wheel up as well putting the plane away. You can’t tell from the picture but we have about 8" on either side of the wing to clear the door so anything would help. This definitely beats epoxy with the fact you pick it up and move it.

Baby steps - who knows we still have our name on the list for another hangar so might get lucky and get a larger one!

I have a rented hangar and put a similar floor in mine. It’s an old asphalt floor that’s very uneven, few pot holes etc.

i laid it over it and really changed my hangar. I can now lay in the floor and work on the plane and stay clean. The floor is movable so if you change hangars then just take with you.


Hey Tony…I think I know we take Jeff and Joe’s advice :slight_smile: