What would be your dream upgrade for you hangar?


If you could have 1 (or possibly 2) dream upgrade for your hangar, what would it be? There is no wrong answer. Looking forward to the replies.


1.) Heating & air conditioning

2.) A self cleaning & waxing robot

  1. Stripper pole
  2. Maybe 2 poles…

Remote controlled doors and lights on a two sided hanger so that you could taxi in one side and out the other.



Excellent idea! It would be nice to embrace some “alert” style hangars the Air Force has. Alex, I’ll be sure to incorporate your suggestion (both of them[:P]) into the new hangar as well.


I have a Schweiss (sp?) bi-fold door on my hangar, with remote control. It is great to land, turn off the runway, and have the hangar door open when you get there. The remote is about a $200 option, and worth every penny.

A lift for a taildragger. You need 14’8" of hangar height for the vertical arm.


Video of the lift in action:


COPA group buy anyone?[;)]

Reduce the friggin’ monthly rent from $730 down to something reasonable for a T-hangar with manually-operated doors.


Move to FL!

U need 2 chicks at the same time with a tap out option on that one mister.

If the California ballot initiatives pass this fall that raise the state income tax rate to over 13%, Papalima and I have decided that we will seriously evaluate moving to a state like TX or FL as our primary domicile. The tax savings would completely pay for a very nice house plus a fair amount of Jet A in about 3 years.

But if all of the producers did that, the looters wouldn’t be able to feed to the moochers!? There would be riots and violence in the streets…

Got Atlas Shrugged?

Oh, well never mind, then. [;)]

The new slogan would be,“Come to LA, we’ll beat you like a King”

So come to Daytona Beach. We’d love to have you. The only drawback is that Haber is in the same state, but he’s way down south with the 'gators.

(Seriously, you’d love the Fly-In at Spruce Creek.)

I left CA in 2002, didn’t realize that there were still people living in that state that had income. 13% Wow, throw on federal, self employment tax, property tax, use, tax, sales tax, gas tax, doesn’t leave much for flying.

If you move to Texas and buy a lightly used VLJ (rather than a brand new one) from an “occasional seller” (basically, an individual), you might save more than $200K of sales tax on that one transaction.

Live in Austin Sept->June and escape to the Rockies July-August is our game plan.


I can confirm this is nice.


That hangar idea would be perfect!