COPA Critical Decision Making Seminars at Woodland, CA, June 26

COPA forum readers are invited to participate in a day-long Criical Decision Making (CDM) seminar focused on your decision making – ways to help you fly more safely!

Saturday, June 26 at Watts-Woodland airport in California (near Sacramento, an easy flight from Northern California) from 10 am to 3 pm. Fly in or drive in to attend, lunch provided.

The seminar focuses on what we can do as Pilot-in-Command to fly more safely – what risks do we face and how do we address them? This is a Cirrus-specific event that COPA intends to offer to each member each year as part of a commitment to flight safety in our technologically advanced aircraft.

There are 105 COPA members within a 90 minute flight of Watts-Woodland airport (O41). We hope that some of you will make a the extra effort to join the seminar at the last minute!

Did you know that we designed the seminar to reach out to spouses and flying partners? We did, so please include them when you come.