COPA Critical Decision Making Seminar PIREP

Just one more reason to join COPA!

Today, I attended the COPA CDM seminar in Santa Barbara. Rick Beach did a fantastic job presenting this seminar and brought the message “home sweet home” by reviewing statistics and Cirrus specific accident reports. I very highly recommend this workshop to all Cirrus and even non-cirrus pilots! At the end of the class we all took home a “Personal Risk Assessment Checklist” we can apply to past and future flights as it relates to :

  1. Human factors
  2. Machine factors
  3. Mission factors
  4. Environmental factors
  5. Addl. safety factors.
    After analytically review all the factors of your mission, this personalized custom checklist can give pilots and non-pilot significant others a sense of control of the risk involved with flying and greatly assist with go no-go decisions.

The curriculum provided day to day useful information for all pilots, inexperienced and experienced alike. The presentation format was informal and allowed for attendee participation. If the CDM seminar comes to your town…attend it, you won’t regret it! After all, what do you have to lose…$35 bucks?..this seminar could save your life!

Thanks to Rick Beach and Glen Beltz for putting on this event and thanks to Mason Holland the COPA CDM coordinator. Thank you COPA!


I second that. The entire seminar was very professionaly done. Great job Rick and Glenn!!!