considering 1031 exchange of my Archer III for a Cirrus

My depreciation has run out on my 2000 Archer so I want to step up to keep Uncle Sam happy. I would like to spend about $250,000 on a newer Cirrus. What do you guys think is the best value out there for that kind of money or does anyone know of an exchange I can make?

Hi David.

We made close to the same move back in 2005, we sold our 77 Warrior II for a new ( 05 ) SR22.

Was a great move put 1350 hrs of trouble free running on it and just traded for a new FIKI Turbo. You can buy a good 05 for low 200k’s. We always ran 170knots on 14.5GPH and had 0 engine issues.

So what ever the budget will allow don’t be shy it’s a good time as prices are still low.