I was wondering what values other SR20 owners got on routine engine compression checks. After only 120 hours of by-the-book-operation, two cylinders are at 72, two at 74 and the rest above.
Wonder if this can be considered normal, so which values did you get?

Also, a while ago I posted a question if anybody had installed Gamijecors on their SR20, unfortuntunately without response, so once again, any experiences yet?


SR20 just out of first annual at 235 hours and the compressions were all between 72-74. Can’t help you on the Gamijectors.

compressions in the 70’s at 120 hours, I would first suspect that the engine was taken off of mineral oil before the cylinders were completely cut in. I know that the factory says that it is ok th change to multigrade after 25 hours but I have had better luck in our fleet by keeping them on mineral oil until the first 100 hr. inspection

SR20 N84MR just completed first annual at 426 hours.

Plugs were worn - replaced.
Compressions: 74, 76,76,76,75,75
Borescope examination looked good.

  • Mike.