Close call...

Thought that might get your attention. See the attached file.

Let me guess, Michael Radomsky took the picture, right? [:D]

What a shot! I’m curious. What was the story behind this? Happy ending?


The shark photo is (happily) a hoax! For details, see page on the National Geographic web site, which explains how the “photo” was made.
Two good places to sniff out hoaxes are the Legends Reference Pages and the Legends and Folklore section at
If you want to see a truly horrifying real-life photograph, see the attached photo from Liza Minelli’s recent wedding…


From his Cirrus, inverted and blindfolded, while eating a sandwich


Mike wasn’t implicated in the helicopter photo, though he has had some close calls of his own (see attached).

Roger, didn’t you tell me that your attached photo was taken at your physics department’s Halloween party?

Yes Roger!
“pictures title” could be: Too Late (Because of higher Cirrus Performane that did mistake the shark).



With all these shark attacks on aircraft I guess I am now going to have to install a SharkWatch ™ system.


Hmm, I wonder if Mike was chumming with cats again?

I plade to your acute observation!
I hope that COPA will post asap to Cirrus this new URGENTLY issue.

…Where are Mike and Gordon when we need them?!?..


That’s why airline pilots call it a “fish finder.”

Not to mention needing a new Garmin depth finder if you’re going to fly that close to the surf!

Be very careful in what you type. One of my cats, Boo - the bitch cat from hell, is reading…

What Radomsky and I do in our spare time is none of your business!

Where are Mike and Gordon when we need them?!?

They’re busy at the site of the new COPA World Headquarters building (see attachment).


Actually, it was at the last faculty meeting.