Cirrus SR22T for soft field

Can the Cirrus SR22T do soft soft field ops is it ok?

Alex, you’ll get much better answers in the members forum, I promise!

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Would love to but can’t right now :sleepy:

it depends how soft.
I have operated my 2007 SR22T-G3 at a grass field for a couple of years. A dry or semi-dry grass runway was no problem.
In winter time when the field was rain soaked it became a problem.
The SR22 is heavy, the wheels are small and the distance from the ground to the wheel pant is tiny.
if you sink in too much you might get stuck or damage your wheel pants. if it is muddy expect mud accumulation inside of the wheel pant (with potential damage)

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depends… all info you need

I operate my 22-G2 to and out of a short grass strip once or twice a month without a problem. I do not do it when it’s very wet for the reasons stated by Robert.


i echo comments above YES SR22 are soft field…depending on the field. This is Johnson Creek, OR, landing was smoother than some paved surfaces! Usually you can call or google the field and they will give you some insight of current conditions. Takeoff distance is increased, but short/soft-field procedures are about the same and she jumps off the turf with that first notch of flaps…


So, if it is dry and not rough. makes since the POH says (This airplane may be operated on any smooth runway surface). thank you!

Cool I run a YouTube Channel too!

Thank you!

I’m jealous. The Eclipse has a “hard surface runways only” limitation. :neutral_face:

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Johnson Creek, ID perhaps, in case anybody goes looking for it? 3U2


Your insurance company or rental FBO may have more restrictive rules vs the POH. I think these rules are sensible as even a minor issue could result in extended downtime or an expensive extraction.

What exactly is the mission? If you have a field with regular use planned you might get an exception from otherwise firm rules.


Yes, Idaho, thanks!

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Added to the airport bucket list. Looks like a gem!

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