Cirrus Help Desk

The following was posted in the COPA Response! part of these forums on 13-Dec-2002. I’m reposting here to provide wider circulation. Non-members are encouraged to join COPA and receive benefits including access to the COPA Response! forum.
Cirrus has implemented a Help Desk central phone number, 218-788-3000. Owners calling that number will reach any available technical support person. Should all the support folks be busy, voice-mail can be left. There is a Cirrus procedure for picking up Help Desk voice mails and responding by no later than the next AM. The Cirrus procedure includes a customer call log for internal tracking of responses.
Old phone numbers for specific support individuals are still active and can still be used.
For urgent issues outside of normal business hours, call the 24x7 hotline at 877-4cirrus (877-424-7787).
Feedback on the success of the Help Desk via postings to the COPA Response! forum are requested (and can be anonymous).