cirrus financing and terrorism?a concerned America

i,ve read these post and feel its very important that federal agencies should investigate Cirrus and this connection with this middle east banking group etc.i for one am going to call the F.B.I.etc and various investigative reporters around the country and have them check out this information…this could save thousands of lives.

There was some talk a few weeks ago about that. And it is from Country that is our friends. And I also think the FBI would have done that already but if you think they need a reminder go for it. As far as the media you must be Anti general aviation and or Cirrus to want them and us GA to have bad press. Prety low I must say. Or could this be Jeff From Don

There is some person posting this same nonsense on the usenet. The posting doesn’t get any more support there than it does here. If usenet can’t get a ground swell of rabid idiots to push this proposal, it is not something that is likely to sell in any forum.

Hey Boys, it’s just another whacko who got his butt scratched and now thinks he’s cute.

With the weight of his brain, he’ll never be over gross.

The following quote is taken from the October 15, 2001 notes appearing on, a highly regarded intelligence gathering organization.

“The emir of Bahrain told the Financial Times that his country fully supports the U.S. war against terrorism and that he would even consider sending troops to support U.S. operations. Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa said that he supported the U.S. actions because they are the only way to rid Afghanistan of “evil”. 1918 GMT, 011015”.

Significant financing for Cirrus and several other well regarded U.S. based companies has come from Bahrain.

Nothing succeeds like the truth.

Any questions, check with the editors of They will be happy to hear from you.


Bob S

I hope you are kidding!

The way I understand it, the investment company is a US company with investors from Bahrain, which incidentally is pretty friendly with the United States. I can’t see any benefit to investing hundreds of millions of US$ in a company that hasn’t yet earned a profit to get what?

Money laundering? Ah, only works if you can get the money out easily.

To manipulate the US markets? Nope, not a listed stock.

Maybe they want to get their hands on numerous small single engine planes for some nefarious purpose? It would be easier and less public just to buy 'em in small quantities. Investing in a company that issues a press release is hardly an inconspicuous method of doing business.

You know I heard that the Saudi royal family has billions invested in GM, Ford and Microsoft. Maybe we should get the FBI to investigate that? Hmmm! That’s it! They want to develop millions of computer controlled car bombs! No, better yet, maybe they want to turn every car in the us into a bomb so that when we sleep they can kill us all!

Get Real! Before you try to start ludicrous rumors which can only serve to hurt a company which employs hundreds of taxpaying US workers with families to support, try posting your real name and e-mail address.

Before you doubt MY patriotism, I was born and raised in the US by parents who also were. My father served in WW11 (he’s even mentioned in the book 30 Seconds Over Tokyo"), and I’ve served in the US military and earned combat medals.


To “Anonymous” who wants to call the FBI on Cirrus. I’m sure you are convinced you’re doing the right thing, especially considering the current climate. But your zeal to pursue a far-fetched threat like this will only detract from law enforcement’s efforts to counter much more likely threats to our security. Sit back, take a deep breath or two, and really think about what you’re saying. Other posters have pointed out that terrorists would have very litttle to gain by hijacking Cirrus and could get much more bang for their buck elsewhere.

Chill, Dude.

Joe Mazza

You just don’t get it.
By actually owning an aircraft factory in the USA, the bad guys have the ability to contaminate the electrical supply of each airplane with Anthropacoccal Electrovirus (APCEV). This virulent, but almost undetectable infection of each SR2X’s electrical system has no effect on simple electrical devices such as relays, flap motors, and the like; but it lodges deep in the heart of all RF transmission devices.
“So what?”, you ask? Think, man! Our birds each carry at least one VHF radio, and one transponder. While we fly, we are unwittingly spreading the dreaded APCEV each time we talk, and each time our transponders transpond. Our nation’s ATC system, upon receiving our transmissions, will spread them yet farther… before long every airliner, fighter, and dirigible will be carriers, too. As for our aircraft carriers, fuhgeddaboudit.
Haven’t you ever wondered what’s killing the NDB system? And those were attacked with a much older strain, spread through AM radio!
There IS a way we can fight back. APCEV is dangerous, but with adequate prophylactic measures, we can overcome its effects. Everyone knows that the APCEV life cycle includes a 3-day period during which it must saturate its host electrical system before it can begin to multiply. As safe, prudent, responsible pilots, all we have to do is to drain all the electricity from our airplanes into an old battery during each preflight inspection. It’s very important that we do this BEFORE turning on the Avionics Master switch, so that we drain as much of the virus as possible. The airplane’s electrical system can then be topped off again from a clean source. VERY IMPORTANT: Use a GPU manufactured by an approved, AMERICA-FUNDED manufacturer. While you fly, place a coat hangar across the terminals of the sacrificial battery, to be sure that all of the APCEV is destroyed.

By following these simple precautions, we can eliminate (or at least subvert) this scourge now.

And please – no more taking issue with intelligent, anonymous posters, who clearly have best interests of our nation’s radios at heart.


PS - I promise not to post on this topic again – at least, not until I’ve removed my tongue from my cheek.

Gee Marty sorry I mentioned it last night. Like I said (and Art) this is straight off the usenet groups.

Mike: I’ve spoken with my friend at the CDC who has suggested another method for stopping the spread of this dreaded electronic virus: Before each flight, take a ribbed condom and apply it to each antenna. Do not forget about the transponder: it needs one too.

It is important to only use the ribbed type as the ribs help hold the condom securely to the antennae. You will also have to use duct tape to secure it otherwise the condom could fall off and interupt and otherwise climatic flight experience. Additionally, do not use lubricated, as this interferes with the adhesion of the tape.

Remember, Fly Safe!


I am going to promise you right now that I will be nominating YOU as the main speaker at the next Cirrus Fly-in.