Cirrus financing and terriorism?

MR. Fallows; With what has happened to millions of American people, the thousands of wtc deaths and the disruption of the civilized world etc i,m shocked that all you can say is that this is a" bunch of crock".Do your homework.Try putting your jounalistic abilities to a true test.Talk to John Dyslin and Jack Draughon in Atlanta,GA.find out who they know in Bahrain etc etc? Talk to your friend Ian Bently at Cirrus about any potential plans as part of 100,000,000 million dollar deal with this middle eastern investment bank coupled with Cirrus aircraft if this included building these in Europe and possibly the Middle East?Ask Mr. Bently if he ever talked to middle eastern banking people when he was in England? Ask him why a middle eastern investment group wanted over 6o % control over Cirrus Design Corporation?Find out if any money has ever been washed by this islamic bank before it got to the U.S.A. ETC ETC ? Ask if any agencies are investigating Cirrus and this middle eastern connection?You might be suprised. Ask questions before defending your materialistic investment.If you cant,hopefully other journalist around the country can. This is not about getting at some company or brusing your journalistic ego this is about getting to potential truths that are very important to America ,the World and the future of civilization.Ask lots of questions.

What are your intentions Mr. Anonymous poster. Before any journalist would waste time on such inane garbage they would want to find out any ulterior motives of the “informer”.

Stirring up crap with inuendos and non-sequiters shows emotional, irrational thinking on your part. If you have some proof that the bank of Bahrain “washed” money then let’s see the evidence. If you have an ounce of proof of anything you have suggested then show it. Instead of taunting Mr. Fallows and trying to bully him into doing some “investigating” based on some kindergarten logic, why don’t you do your homework and show something substantial. Otherwise go away.

I bet you wish you hadn’t allowed anonymous posting.

Two possibilities:

  • You have an undisclosed motive (disgruntled employee, competitor, etc);
  • You have absolutely no judgment, if you honestly think the “Crescent Capital connection” is even in the top 1000 list of leads, themes, threats, stories that journalists should be looking into right now.

Notice to new readers of this forum:


It is from a person with a agenda aimed at undermining the reputation of Cirrus Design. (It’s probably a direct competitor)

If you want to be taken seriously on this forum, start with posting your name. (What do you have to hide?)

Who scratched this wacko’s butt?

There is a term for this on the internet newsgroups - TROLL !

Best suggestion, IGNORE these posts. NEVER respond to them. Their only purpose is to inflame.

Sincerely, a COPA member

Yup. The re-appearance of anonymous hogwash is what will drive discussion to the “Members” section. This is an advantage of the new system over the old.

      From a member, posting Anonymously to make the point.

This is the Cirrus version of that old logical paradox, “All Cretans are liars…”

I will answer this (quasi) anonymous post with a promise NOT to answer anonymous posts!