Choosing an airfield (Sherburn vs Full Sutton)


I’m trying to balance up the choice of completing my PPL at one of two airfield local to me. I had started and completed 6 or so hours at Sherburn in the past and I have flown a little bit from Full Sutton. Both are surprisingly different airfields! I’ve been trying to put some thoughts down and just wondered if anyone has anything to add, or can point out something I’ve not considered yet.
Aircraft and availability: Sherburn would win here. It has more aircraft in its fleet and more instructors on hand.
Social and Facilities: Sherburn has better facilities and feels much more like a club than FS. Sherburn has a cafe and a shop. Sherburn is a 40 minute drive for me, while FS is 60 minutes.
if anyone can help? personal experience I’d really appreciate

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