Carrying Guns on Board?

Is there any FARs about us carrying guns in a Cirrus?

See this link for a funny P.A. from a commercial pilot.

I thought all you pilots from Texas carried guns on board!

Personally, I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not I may or may not have ‘carried’ while flying. It really depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is. If “is” means is and never has been, that is one thing. If it means there is none, that could also be a completely true statement…

Sorry, I should have posted this on the public forum but my message board skills are not that great and I couldn’t resist [;)]

Oops, I am in the public forum!

I wasn’t able to follow your URL, and I enjoyed the other humorous replies, but here’s a related tidbit.

I have carried a .303 rifle on my SR22, because I was required to have a gun to fly over remote parts of Alaska. So while the government sometimes tells us we can’t carry a gun, sometimes it says the opposite! (nothing wrong with that.)

And, for the record, I’m not into guns, don’t own one, etc. I borrowed one from a friend to meet a regulation and for the safety it would provide should I make an off-airport landing in a remote part of Canada or Alaska. After flying over those areas, the regulations made sense, though they were a bit dated.

There are no FARs that prevent a Pilot from carrying ANY kind of weapon on-board a flight conducted under Part 91. Pax can carry as well, as long as the Part 91 Pilot permits it.

I was a hoping that I culd put my gun rack in the back window of the Cirrus. That is what that window is for, aint it?

My SR22 has a gun rack in the back window, but since I’m from Alabama, I’m obliged to keep the plane up on blocks in my front yard.


Be careful if you’re in Massachusetts. Been a while since I lived out east, but I remember when I moved back to midwest that even transporting your own firearm through the state was illegal (need a Firearms ID or License to Carry to have a gun in your possession). May not be the case any longer, and not sure if there are any other states like that…