Can I turn off email notices of new posts in my thread?

Can I turn off email notices of new posts in a thread I started?

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Yes, simply click on the notification icon (red arrow) and choose the option which best suits your preference.

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Additionally you can change the default notification settings for what happens when you post in a topic:

Update those settings here:

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Correct, however, please be aware that if you “created” the topic, the notification preference for that topic will be set to “Watching” regardless of the notification settings in your preferences pane, you must change it manually.

Sorry about that, Pierre! We’re just having fun. It’s a good thread!


I altered the setting on the topic creating the nuisance notifications for you, please use the procedure above for future topics.

Thanks Hans and Eric.

No complaint intended Dave. I am enjoying the thread. I just don’t need the clutter in my email.


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