Just talked to Cirrus and they said I needed to contact my new sales rep for California for what I need to do. Just so happens he was one of us, or should I say the first one of us. So congrats to the new Calif, Nevada, Oregon sales rep Walt Conley!

Hear, hear!! Congratulations to Walt, and congratulations to Cirrus too!

So the rumors are grue…Congrats to Walt!

Of course, if he had only done this two years ago, he’d have been rolling in the commissions that he gave away for free!

Congradulations Walt! Its about time the promised land got its own rep. Im sure Cirrus Design will be comping you a new SR demonstrator. I will be mailing you my shoebox (Sandelbox) of complaints.You’ll be sorry you gave me your address! Happy Flying!!!

So does this mean that Walt will no longer be able to chat on the forum since he is now a Cirrus official? Say it’s not true.

Congratulations Walt. The west coast needs you.

Also, my congrats. to Walt. But, hey, does this mean Walt will no longer have vacuum pump failures??

I guess they finally figured there western sales person should be located in their largest market ( just an assumption based on postings here).

It’s probably true! But that does not mean we can not invite a Cirrus sales rep to the fly ins! :-}

ALl right, let’s try. When’s the next one? Seems like SBP’s skies need to be darkened by Cirri (and the odd 1 or 2 260SE) again.

>But, hey, does this mean Walt will no longer have vacuum pump failures??

I think that Walt will just have to choose his words carefully when describing the failures. Perhaps he’ll follow someone else’s lead (I won’t mention whose), and simply say “My vacuum pump doesn’t totally suck”.[;)]

  • Mike.

Keep in mind that SBP’s ILS is OTS until (at least) 11/1.