Be a pilot commercial

Just saw a Be a pilot commercial on Wings channel, they show a PFD equipped cirrus and advertise the $49 intro flight! LOL, like there will ever be a $49 cirrus intro flight, when I did mine, I was put in a dirty cessna 152!


Actually, if you call Cirrus, you can get a flight for free if you are interested in a purchase!

If the flight school has a cirrus, I would assume they would WANT to use it.


That’s true, already did that, loved it. I believe you have to already know how to fly a plane to appreciate it though.

Be a pilot is targeted to non pilots who are looking to START flying so a cirrus DEMO ride certainly wouldn’t be appropriate.

My father-in-law has always wanted to learn how to fly but he is now in his 70’s. For his birthday last year I wanted to give him an one of those introductory flights.
Unfortunately, when he took the certificate to the local airport, the flight school had just gone out of business so he never got to go!