B-kool gets top pick from Aviation Consumer

We are pleased to announce that Aviation Consumer selected B-kool as the best overall ice chest cooler in the August 2014 edition.

This honor has caused our phone to ring off the hook, but we are prepared and do have adequate inventory.

We now have inventory for immediate shipping.

thanks all who were patient in waiting for their B-kool units

B-Kool is proud to be back for our 6th year of manufacture of highly effective affordable cooling systems.

As the overall choice of the "Aviation Consumer" magazine in August of 2014, we strive to continue to manufacture effective affordable and safe cooling systems.

We also thank COPA for your ongoing support of our products.

While we have some challenges with our vendors raising prices to us, we will continue with our existing pricing beginning at $299.00 for now. We cannot guarantee you that a price increase is not going to happen down the road however.

Anyone requiring additional information can visit our website B-Kool.net, or call me at 928-300-4045

Thank you again for the ongoing support COPA has given us.


Is this a permissible use of the Guest Discussion forum?

My question is not related to the poster in any way. My only motivation is consistent forum policy, because I know nothing at all about this product. I thought product promotion posts had to be entered in the Marketplace forum, which requires membership.

Yes, this belongs in the Marketplace forum. Would a moderator please move it?

I’m not sure the solution is that simple. I believe non-members can read Marketplace but not post there. If the thread were moved there would be non-member posts there.

I hope the poster will decide to join. It’s only $65, and it would give him the opportunity to market his products and interact closely with some 3,500 members.

Actually, it is that simple. When a non-member posts Marketplace advertising in an inappropriate forum, it should be deleted.

I too hope he/they joins. If a for-profit enterprise can’t write a check for $65 to market to COPAns, I could not support their product.

Hit the flag as spam/abuse button to have it moved on…

I note the poster is a former member who’s membership has lapsed.

It can’t be any clearer… Delete the thread and let’s move on!


Guys, last hear I donated one of our coolers to your. Migration raffle. At that time i was told it was ok to post.

i guee this is how i get thanked?

Guys, last hear I donated one of our coolers to your. Migration raffle. At that time i was told it was ok to post.

i guess this is how i get thanked?

In case no one thanked you, I will step up now and thank you for your donation.

That said, acceptable use of member and non-member forums is pretty well established. I hope you don’t think that your generous donation entitles you to ignore rules everyone else has to follow. IMO anyone that is selling aviation-related stuff should be a member so they can promote their products (properly) in the Marketplace forum.


Thank you very much for your kind donation!

Most of us do not know whom donated what to our organization for migration. Statements above reflect our desire to keep to the rules.

I believe it may be simply some miss-communication at play.

Perhaps we as group should offer a 1 year membership to those companies that are so kind to donate items (over a specified value) to our organization. This would allow the company to post to the Marketplace. There are other options that could be explored as well.

Just my 2 cents


Bob was kind enough to donate a B-Kool unit that we raffled off last year at M12 in Las Vegas. It’s apparent that he was given some misinformation about being able to advertise on our website. And, as a former COPA member who probably didn’t spend much time cruising the forum, Bob may not realize that our guest area isn’t used for that purpose. However, in COPA’s usual “friendly” manner, he was “politely” informed of his error. [:P] I suspect his reception here made a lasting impression…

I will contact Bob off-line.