AvionicsWest training Nov 17-18 on GNS 430

Based upon prior posts, there was value to learning the Garmin GNS 430 prior to flying one. Beyond the simulators, one recommendation was the 1-2 day course by AvionicsWest and they have another class Nov 17-18 in Santa Maria, CA.

Any updates on the value of these VFR/IFR training classes? Based upon the AvionicsWest web site, I would expect them to be pretty good.

Anyone flying/driving from Southern California? I’d love company on the way from San Diego if I go.


Rick: I found the last class very helpful. The first full day went very smoothly. The second 1/2 day IFR class went pretty smoothly, with the exception that some of the approaches described in the view graphs were not in the database of the 430 and 530 units. We had only 12 total, so there was one 430 or 530 for each two persons. A number were flight instructors learning the units. If you come up on Friday afternoon, stop by Avionics West when you get into town. I was welcomed and used the time to get to know the unit before the class started. Other than Electronic Flight Solutions, which is still getting started, I don’t know of any organization that is providing training in operation of avionics.

p.s. Avionics West is on the opposite side of the field from the Santa Maria Regency. Don’t be fooled by a sign on a building on the East side that says Avionics West. They moved to a new facility on the West side.


I am interested in going…tried to email you at Rick.Beach@usa.xerox.com and it bounced back?