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Another question…

How often do most Cirrus pilots update the Avidyne MFD. I know that the Garmin’s are updated every 30 days, however, I was wondering about the MFD, i.e., navigation and obstacles.


We bought the Jeppesen package and update both Garmins and the Avidyne every 28 days.

In the early days the Avidyne updates cost $200 for a one-time and $600 for annual service. Back then many people updated the basemap just once per year. Now that it’s all on the internet and the cost of 28-day updates is only about $175 per year (when bundled in with dual Garmins) I think most people do it every 28 days. It is not required for IFR flight, but for that price most people would prefer to have current info on the MFD.

Jim Knollenberg SR22 1904 N5PF

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As Jim said, since we yelled at Jeppesen and got them to bundle the price, it is very easy to update the MFD every 28 days along with the Garmins. Airspace changes and airways will be up to date. A nice feature of the MFD is that airways shoe on the screen. So it is nice to know they are up to date.
I just wish they had the high altitude airways for the turbo drivers as well.

But keep in mind the Jeppesen database only updates obstacles every 56 days (every other cycle) as mountains do not move very often!

Steve, Jim, and Brian,

Much thanks for the information you provided; it was very helpful.

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