Aviaition Consumer Product of the Year

And the winner is…
Cirrus Design SR22
“Despite the daunting odds against success in the world of general aviation aircraft sales, Cirrus Design has impressed both the industry—and us—with its products and its determination to succeed. With the SR22, Cirrus has added more power and increased the range and payload, thus creating what we consider to be one of the most attractive and nicest flying aircraft in GA history. At around $325,000 equipped, itÂ’s hardly cheap but is, nonetheless, a good value in our view.”

August’s on-line addition has more details.


I Absolutely agree! My SR22 is wonderful, and I have never had as much enjoyment from an other aviation product.

Another great honor for Alan, Dale and the folks in Duluth. It’s a well deserved tribute to their vision, efforts and perserverance

Marty SR22 s/n 0017