Audio question.

Howdy All. My question is how to turn volume up on the audio input jack. I use iPad to watch movies and plug the head phone jack on iPad to the head phone jack in console. Does anyone know how to turn volume up for this. Thanks!!!

Scott, the issue is an impedance mismatch between the iPad and the audio panel. See this post.

Since you are a member, may I suggest that you post in the member area (e.g. Airframe & Powerplant) rather than the Guest Discussion forum. You will get a lot more views by those who can help you.

Thanks. Have you used one of these amplifiers? Does it really work and well?


I use this amplifier. It’s more expensive but is really good and has the advantage that you can use it out of the aircraft.

I believe that Gordon is right about the impedance matching; and his solution will certainly work. That said, I found buying the amp was easier.

Hi Scott, I used the Boostaroo when I had the original Garmin Audio Panel and it worked fine, I have since had the latest Garmin GMA350 fitted and now do not need to use it. It is also handy when on a commercial flight as both yourself and your partner can watch and listen to a movie together with amplified sound.

Or switch to a Bluetooth audio panel (like the PSE 8000BT or their PMA450) that will stream music. They are a direct plug-in swap with your Garmin audio panel and very affordable once you subtract the trade-in value of your existing audio panel.

That way volume is no longer an issue and you get rid of the wires too!

Cheaper still just get a Blutooth Input Adapter and plug it into the socket inside the armrest

But that solution does not eliminate the impedance/ volume problem.

Fitting a Boostaroo in between will sort that out - Boostaroo & Bluetooth Adapter is his cheapest option (35.00 Pounds / 24.00 USD) - Ultimately the best option is a later Audio Panel which is a lot more expensive. I had the GMA350 fitted which requires extra avionics work, PMA450 as you say is plug and play and has good reviews.

Guys, the issue is an impedance mismatch. An amplifier like the Boosteroo will add distortion. The solution is a simple impedance matching device, as described here. This will not add distortion. Another advantage - no batteries required.