Attitude Indicator!

When my wife and I first seen N224AZ on 6/10/02, it was clean enough to eat off of. After the acceptance flight, the wing and other body parts of the SR22 were covered with some of MN’s finest cow-size bugs. Cirrus in my mind had done their part in delivering a “clean machine” and we were set to clean it when we returned to AZ.

On Friday, we arrived at the factory to prepare to bring our puppy back home. Much to our surprise, there was a young gentleman cleaning the plane to “better than new” condition. There was another gentleman who appeared to be supervising the cleaner.

I struck up a conversation with the supervisor complementing Cirrus on their great attitude and helpfulness. After a while I asked him what his function at Cirrus was. Much to my embarrassment he said “I’m Dale Klapmeier. I am Vice-President of Manufacturing”. With a smile he then proceeded to help his son to clean our pride and joy. After taking some pictures of this rare in the industry event, my wife and joined in to get the protein of our plane.

Now thatÂ’s going the extra mile!

Walt N224AZ

I had a wing tip that looked fine to me but didn’t pass muster for Cirrus (there was a small clamp mark from when it was held together for baking or somesuch.

Dale K. came in on a Saturday and replaced it himself, though I suspect that this was more for overtime avoidance (not long after the layoffs) than business as usual. I was still impressed, however.