Anyone know pilot who rescued capsized boat in Louisiana?

The coast guard is searching for information on an interesting incident near New Orleans where I’m based. I’ve asked about 50 locals and no one knows the details.

Friday after Thanksgiving (11/24/17) a pilot in a “red propeller” airplane saw a capsized boat somewhere south of New Orleans with passengers in the water, then found and guided another boat to them where all were rescued. The pilot waved and flew off on his/her merry way with no further contact, and the survivors and coast guard would like to thank him/her. They were squawking 1200 and spoke to no one. New Orleans Approach has reviewed radar but can’t figure out who it may have been. They’ve been asking pilots if anyone knows more.

Just wondering if anyone has seen chatter on other boards about this or has any details. Someone deserves a big thanks.

Amazing story. How did he get the rescuing boat’s attention in a way that they knew to look for capsized vessel without a marine transceiver? Was he communicating with coast guard?

Apparently he made a “follow me” gesture then flew back to the other boat. Then flew away when all was right. I’m guessing Cessna but details are scant. If anyone is a member and could cross post there maybe someone will speak up. Typical pilot - orchestrates a life saving rescue, and needs no thanks.

God sent angel plane, also a great pilot humble for sure. What a mostly wonderful group pf people pilots are. Don