Anyone getting hired without a degree?

I’m curious if anyone has been called/ or is getting hired without a degree? If so would you mind maybe providing some info such as which airline,how long your app was in, if you had Recs, and times?

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No problem at the regionals, but a different story for the majors.

One way around that would be to go to one of the wholly-owned regionals, and wait for the “flow” to the parent major.

As with any job openings Jensen, the positions will be filled by the highest and best qualified.



haha, i love that quote Dennis.

In my industry (Information Technology) it’s hard to find people with degrees that are qualified. Most of my team is without a degree.

An employer would do well to remember that education is not synonymous with having a degree. Bill Gates didn’t nor did Steve Jobs, nor Frank Lloyd Wright. Would you have hired them?,28804,1988080_1988093_1988082,00.htm

Back in 2001, I hired a young man that had been on a construction crew that had built my house a year previous. My wife told me that I should give him a chance even though he didn’t even have a high school diploma because she saw potential.

Since that time, he got his GED, B.S., and M.B.A. He is now my second in command and I’d be lost without him!

I couldn’t get a job in aviation without a degree, so I had to start my own thing.

+1 I have a lot of People ask me for my advise for a career in aviation. My advise is to get your ratings, get the hours and apply. While doing so…get your degree in anything other than Aviation. You want a fallback career opportunity if you loose your medical.

I went to Embry- Riddle and was hired to a regional straight out of college with only 232 Hours (prior to the law change requiring 1500 and an ATP)

I would bet a pretty penny that you had a lot to do with encouraging and maybe even financing his education. Education is great, but mentoring is greater.