Airline Pilot to Doctor?


I’m currently a 36 year old Captain for a major airline and looking at switching careers to medicine. I won’t go into all of the motivations (altruistic awakenings, burn out with the airline industry, etc…), but suffice it to say I’ve always had my heart in medicine. Unfortunately, (and here’s the common theme with a lot of us non-trads) I have a horrendous . Immaturity, girlfriend issues, fraternity distractions - you name it, produced a whopping 2.7 in Anthropology. I was originally a Physics major and switched early on when the distractions got the best of me.I recently met with a pre-medical adviser at and she seemed to think that I’d be in “a category of my own” translation, you’re an old dude!; she claimed that if I did really well with my post and , I’d be evaluated much more on that, and less on my academic failures from 15 years ago. Does this sound accurate?I feel like I have the desire and the intellectual horsepower to achieve the dream .Any comments?

Please help.

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