Airports near The Woodlands TX

Any suggestions for landing near The Woodlands (other than Bush Intercon) with easy access to rental cars?



I have relatives in the Woodlands and I just visited them last week. I flew into David Wayne Hooks (KDWH) and found it convenient. It’s under Houston’s Class B, but it has a tower, so departure clearances are not a big problem.

DWH has a few non-precision approaches, but no ILS.

I parked at the FBO run by the airport. There is a big “piston airplane” parking lot between the ramp and the taxiway. Self serve fuel was $2.40/gal. Since I bought fuel, they did not charge me for overnight parking. The FBO has nice facilities, and the people were very pleasant.

It’s a 15 - 20 minute drive from the airport to the Woodlands, depending on traffic.

I’m going back on Saturday, and I will use DWH again.


Montgomery Co (CXO), Conroe, TX is another good choice besides DWH - probably a little farther drive – may depend exactly where you are going. Rental cars on field (

Williams Airport (9x1), Porter, TX is probably the closest public field, but no rental cars and poor taxiways.


Thanks for the update on the Woodlands, DWH…very helpful. Hopefully we’ll be landing there tomorrow!