air transport for injured cirrus employee

Good morning all, I am a cirrus employee seeking help to have my fiances son flown home from evansville indiana to grand forks north dakota. He was injured May 23 in a car accident in Kentucky. He is also a Cirrus employee and works with me. Angel Flight has denied us because he is non-ambulatory and the air transport we did find wanted 16,000 to fly him home. We cannot afford that and insurance will not pay till it is decided who’s insurance is going to pay. His injuries are multiple including broken back, neck, ankles, jaw,foot and a torn heart valve. He is stable to fly and his mother will also be with him to return home. If anyone can help you will be an angel to us. Please call or e-mail us at, or 701-780-2040,or 812-450-4512.

Kent and Valerie

I read this post and my heart goes out to you. I am far away and my plane is in the shop, so I am not a likely candidate. But I know lots of Cirrus pilots are generous-hearted Angel flyers, so I would think someone would want to help you. I am wondering if the lack of response might be due to concerns about the safety of flying the young man right now. The description of his injuries was frightening, so pilots reasonably might worry that it could be dangerous for him–especially the heart valve, but also the broken neck/back. As friendly advice, you might want to post more details about these injuries and why they are not dangerous for flight at this time. Just a suggestion, who knows if it will work, but worth a try. Also, you might consider directly contacting the owners around Evansville and North Dakota. Many of us do not read COPA regularly, so a good candidate might have missed this. Doing so would be a little intrusive, but they are listed in public records anyway, and for this cause I probably would take that chance. Best wishes.

As Thomas so kindly mentioned, My heart goes out as well to your fiance and her son. What a horrible situation. You mentioned that you and your fiance’s son are employees of Cirrus. Why has Cirrus not stepped up and helped one of their own? I hope you get help very soon.

God Bless