On my SR20, when the left aileron is flush, the right aileron is up about 0.5". I’ve heard it’s only happened to a few. I’m loosing about 15 - 20 knots. It’s getting repaired next week. Just wondering is anybody’s experienced the same problem causing a similar loss of TAS.
Thanks, Adam

Normal situation. Apparently, correct rigging of flight surfaces for level flight has ailerons both slightly above trailing edge, and your 0.5" deflection would match my experience. Description may be in Cirrus training manual, it’s not in POH. Amazing what complex aerodynamic designs require, eh?

And could 15-20 knots of airspeed be due to aerodynamics? More likely a bigger input such as prop RPM limited below 2700?


These aircraft were designed with a different autopilot in mind. The STEC requires some back pressure or force on the system to work correctly. This is why my elevator trim tab is stuck way up in the slipstream and the elevators are trimmed above neutral. Thanks to Mike Radomsky for passing this on to me a while back.