Aerista  - Mike Keefe - STAY AWAY

I strongly recommend not using Aerista and Mike Keefe for Cirrus transactions. They are screwing a couple guys I flight instruct out of a couple grand. Yikes. Not good business practice. Can we get more ethical brokers / Airplane dealers in this industry? Why is that so hard? Previous deals with Cirrus direct and Lone Mountain always resulted in the brokers & salesmen making sure everyone did the right thing. Not this time. Also disappointed in a fellow COPA member and writer in the aviation community not being interested in doing the right thing. What goes around comes around.

Always two sides to a story…Would love to hear the other half. (OR this half for that matter)

Two transactions here with Aerista and Mike and nothing but professional, ethical, and smooth.

That’s a serious allegation to post w/o facts and evidence. Not the right use of forum unless you can provide evidence - then I would say it is a fair heads up to the community. Not involved. Just responding as an independent reader and COPA member.

I would recommend that before you smear someone on a website like this, you give a much better detailed story than you gave. You also might want to hear the other side as well. Just sayin. Aerista has a stellar reputation in this community, so it is surprising to hear…

What Joe R said.


It’s been a few years. But boy let me tell you, if you are wrong, they are going to run a train on you.

I would like to ask that the moderators remove this unless some real content is posted. People work too hard…

Mike is a good guy.

I used Mike last year when I bought my Cirrus. He was upfront, honest and gave candid feedback. He also went out of his way, on his own time, to deliver the plane to me. I had nothing but an excellent experience working with Mike.

Shane, can you please substantiate your opinion. Otherwise this is just a smear and not a fair comment. As others already said, Mike is a honest and fair guy to buyers and sellers in the process. I have sold 2 planes through him and Aerista. Aerista & team is top notch.

You take quite a risk on behalf of a couple of customers who may (or may not) have been burned by their own business choices. Truth is an absolute defense to a suit for damages for defamation of professional reputation and character. But the problem is, uniquely to suits for defamation, the burden of proof is on the defendant to prove his claims. No small challenge that. Are you convinced you have in hand the legally admissible evidence of sufficient weight to persuade a jury? If so, go for it. Otherwise, your good looks and earnest demeanor will be enough only for you and your close circle of faithful defenders, who unlike juries need no proof at all but like juries won’t help you pay your judgment debts. There is no Litigation God on High who guarantees juries will see your truth, in the absence of evidence the judge will allow.

Judgments can be collected decades later, with interest. Judgment proof now does not mean judgment proof later, if you are fortunate to have success. Be careful. Attempt to kill someone’s livelihood only if you are sure enough to confidently risk your own.

Having said that, whistleblowers who risk all are to be commended, if they do so to help others. But they must marshal proof - otherwise we all would be fair game for a smear by random jerk. What is your proof?