Arnav Vs Avidyne

Can anyone offer any advice on the Arnav with the latest upgrade vs. the Avidyne MFD?

I have seen it and am now flying the Arnav System in my airplane. I will certainly go with the upgrade as I visited the Arnav Factory and seen how much better it is now.
J. Hill

I also fly the ARNAV and am quite pleased with it - even with its current resolution. I fly almost exclusively IFR.

But, I am sure I’ll go with the upgrade as well. Might even convince me to get SkyWatch - MIGHT.

And, I’d sure like to see weather and TIS displayed from the Garmin.


Bob: Do you know if TIS and SkyWatch will both display together on the Avidyne? I am picking up my SR22 next week, but I am not getting either SkyWatch or Stormscope at the present. Depending on how TIS works, I may get just TIS. I have flown in a SR22 with SkyWatch on the Garmin, and that seems like a less than ideal arrangement. Depending on the display options, I could just get all 4!

There is certainly benefit in Stormscope in addition to the ground based weather, and the Avidyne has some great Stormscope display options.

Good question re having TIS and Skywatch displayed simultaneously. I would think that you would have to choose one or the other, as overlaying them would be a mess. Perhaps display on two different pages would be available. I think the Skywatch will be much better than TIS, so if you have Skywatch I don’t know what additional data TIS would give you.