A new aviation themed hotel is born -- let's party on December 3rd!

Just an FYI – we have opened a new aviation themed hotel in Port Aransas (on Mustang Island), Texas, called “Amelia’s Landing”.

See it here: www.AmeliasLanding.com. See us on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amelias-Landing-Hotel/280086355347281

Our island airport is Mustang Beach Airport, KRAS. We have two courtesy cars at the airport for fly-in guests to use. (You may be familiar with us from our aviation themed hotel in Iowa City, IA, the Alexis Park Inn & Suites.)

We are throwing a free party/fly-in on December 3, 2011, in celebration. This event is open to the public, is absolutely free, and includes free food and drink served at poolside. That evening is the night of the Christmas Parade of Boats in the Port Aransas harbor – a unique Mustang Island tradition that fly-in guests would surely enjoy.

Everyone is invited!

Here are some more details:

After 21 months of work, Jay & Mary Honeck have converted a small, island motel – formerly the Harbor Inn – into every aviator’s dream destination in Port Aransas, TX, on Mustang Island.

Port A Party Particulars

  • Saturday, 12/3/11 @ 2 PM - ??
  • Food – Free!
  • Drinks – Free!
  • Transportation to/from Mustang Beach Airport (KRAS) – Free!

We will be serving a traditional island cookout at poolside (weather permitting) or at our aircraft hangar (if the weather refuses to cooperate!). This will be open to the public, and is absolutely FREE. (Introductory discount room rates for fly-in guests start at just $59.95/night (plus tax) – the most amazing deal EVER!) After the cookout, join us for the Christmas Holiday Boat Parade in the harbor – a unique Port Aransas tradition!


Jay & Mary Honeck