9yr old x-wing fighter ILS approach

I almost fell over laughing…


That was great! I have a son almost the same age, not quite the same imagination.


As a man with an 8 year old son who loves Star Wars, knows way more about it than I do, and I grew up with the first three movies, this really hits home. I am still recovering from the 10 kid and one dad light “saver” fight we had New Years Eve.

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I almost fell over laughing…

I did fall over laughing.

EPIC! i sent this to everyone i know

An excellent “studying for my written” break. That was really funny. Would love to have heard the audio. -j

That’s a seriously cool avatar! [;)]

  • Mike.

Of course, Tim is a graphics designer for a living, I am just a dumb endodontist and I don’t even know how to put in the Avatar.

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And I thought that my 7 year old was the only one to fight with a light “saver”!

yeah I have no idea how it got in marketplace - I selected the ‘off topic other’ check box.

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I did fall over laughing.

LOL. I think this takes the cake as best in-flight comms I’ve ever heard.

Great read!