5-seat SR22 rental in Hawaii for x-mas 2020


does anyone have an idea where to rent a 5-seat (3 children) SR22 in Hawaii around x-mas 2020? I have 150h on SR22, and 1700h TT, with some bush flying in Africa and 1200h jet time.



We hope to have a G5/G6 by then. Stay tuned and check with us in a few months.

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Laurence, I thought you already bought a plane?

Currently leasing a really nice G3.

So you rent your plane out (when you get it) as well? I thought it was mainly for flight training, sight seeing.

Correct. No rentals at this time. Dual only sightseeing.

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But possible plans to rent new one?

Possibly. Time will tell based on demand and insurance premiums.

When I went this past year I couldn’t find a 22 to rent. I wound up renting a da40 from Georges aviation. She flew fine but had seen better days (lots of training). However they were getting a new G6 SR20. I wound up just taking part of the family because my wife and oldest daughter preferred to shop anyway.

George’s now has the G6 SR20 available. You’d have to check with them to find out the requirements and hourly rate.

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I emailed them. Not sure if the SR20 also comes with the 60/40 seating option for 3 kids in the back.

Yes. N2120M at George’s is 5 seats. Good useful load as well. I’ve taken 4 adults and full tanks NP. Lmk if you don’t hear back from them.

Plan to have to do a short check out at least a day before you plan to rent. They will probably cover Cirrus stuff you already know, the 20G30 winds, and the PHNL Bravo VFR procedures. There is a pilots guide to flying in Hawaii produced by the state that you can read on the long haul to get up to speed before you get here.

Excellent. I have a Cirrus dealership on my field, so I’ll go fly with them before heading off to be prepared.

I have not heard back from George’s. Would you mind doing the intro?



Sure thing.

How big were the adults ?

Well I’m 6’2”… :wink: Useful load is a few pounds over 1,000. But you don’t haul as much fuel as a 22… burning about 75 pounds an hour to get 150kts true.

The reason I have held back from buying a 20 G6 is because of its extremely limited CG envelope. If the one you flew has air conditioner unless I am missing something your useful load is

This is why I ask how heavy all the adults were because there seems to be no way to fit everyone and full fuel at 56 gallons. And even worse is that the envelope goes far aft very quick.

Mine has A/C and the composite prop. 1002 useful load, 666 full tanks. It hauls a lot, but it has a tricky aft CG with the composite prop. Four 150-pound people would put it out the envelope.

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Actually no.

But almost. Anyway, you can’t just hop on and go, especially if you have any luggage.

Right at the aft limit but still legal. That is a pretty good load for a 20. Impressive. That Lycoming engine did a lot for that airframe.

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