2018 sr22t wing tip replacement

Where can I buy a wingtip for my 2018 sr22t

I had to replace a wing tip years ago on a prior plane. Cirrus Service Center got it from Cirrus in a couple of days. Also needed a wing root inspection to confirm no structural damage. (My wife backed our car into the wing tip.) Surprisingly, was not that expensive to repair.

Ouch and ok. Any damage on the wing root, cracks or anything? Aboit how much. Did u go through insurance?

No damage to wing root/structure. I think the total cost, including painting the new wing tip, was just under $2500. This was about 6 years ago, so prices may be higher today. I told my insurance agent about it, and suggested it may be better if I just paid it, and he told me to submit the claim. So I did, and my insurance paid for the work. He said it wouldn’t affect my rates, and I don’t think it did. I of course disclosed it to the buyer of that plane when I sold it a couple of years later, and he didn’t seem too concerned.