XM Radio Data Radio/Audio Radio question

Hello fellow Cirrus owners/pilots. First post. I’m a 900 hour C-182 pilot since '93. 50 hours in the SR22. My partner and I have had a 02, 04, and now a 2015 SR22 turbo as of a few weeks ago.

I have had XM weather/music starting with the 396, 496, area 560.

I have not yet called Sirrus/XM to activate the XM ID in the Cirrus… Because I see there are two ID’s. One for Radio and one for Data. What’s up with that? All my previous XM experience I only needed the one ID for both data and radio. I paid the extra 10 bucks or whatever it is a month for entertainment radio on top of the weather.

Any insight?

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There are two IDs because there are two subscriptions; one for radio/music and one for weather data.

One of the radios is for XM weather, the other radio is for music and entertainment. Make sure you know which is which. The music radio ID shows up on the remote. Each requires a separate subscription.

When I first got my plane, I made the mistake of giving XM the radio ID for the weather radio when adding the music subscription (I did not know there were separate radio IDs). When I realized the mistake, I cancelled the music subscription for the weather ID, and activated a subscription for the music radio ID after discovering it was different. But ever since, I’ve been bombarded by mail and email from Sirius (for years now) asking me to re-activate my music subscription on my weather radio. Nobody at XM customer service can shut it off.

Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.

Good info Wally. Thanks for the info.


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