weather seminar

I have asked Scott D if there were any plans to hold a weather seminar on Long Island.The answer is yes, IF, I can get at least 10 interested people to attend.
I can get space at KISP - L.I. McArthur, Islip NY but need another 7 people whether you are Cirrus owners or not. There are three dates that would work Aug 16-17, Oct 25-26 or Nov 15-16.
Interested people please let me know a.s.a.p. so I can work out details with Scott


N468JP SR20 #1261

Scott has a seminar scheduled for August 9/10 in Batavia Ohio as well.
Last I heard there were spaces available so if you can’t get enough people to go to ISP perhaps you would consider going to Ohio instead.
I plan to be there and I hope some of you out there can make it as well.
Pilots can’t know too much about the weather.

Just to be sure folks are aware of schedule conflicys; that weekend of August 9 is also the scheduled Nantuchet fly-in.

I think we need a five day weekend then, too much going on.