Vacation suggestions

Ahhhh. . . Spring is in the air. It’s 67 here in Miami, but I need a bit of help for Spring vacation planning. We are leaving my co-pilot dog, and the kids behind. My wife and I have off April 1-7. We are looking for ideas on thing to do and places to see. Ideally, we will leave from Miami, fly for a full tanks worth (with reserve of course) stop, see the sites, spend the night, and go on.
If anyone has any ideas for Bed and Breakfasts, interesting towns / airports in the general southeast, I would love to get your input and personal experiences.
Perhaps we could even set up a separate COPA section for “Places to go and things to see” for flying vacations.
I have reviewed “floridapilot” and the $100 hamburger, type sites, but would like any personal positive experiences.

Thanks in advance

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I am reading you post as I sit here in your neck of the woods. We are over enjoying Naples at the Ritz. The weather is awesome.! 70 degrees and a great day of golf.

I am from Charleston SC. This would be a great stopping point for your trip. I would also recommend:
Amelia Island
St Simons Island

All of these are within range. Let me know if you want any info on them.

Well off to watch the super bowl. Tough life!!!


Asheville, NC - stay at Grove Park Inn. Visit Biltmore Estate.
About 3:22 and 60 gallons or so. Stop in Atlanta if winds or weather cause you to shorten the trip.

Also check out
It is a lesser known magazine that I like because it focuses on places to go.

Check out,! It’s my best source for ideas and the editor is very helpful on the phone too!

Try Pawley’s Island SC. Land at Georgetown SC, rent a car {rental car place will have it waiting at the FBO} drive about 30 min North. Try staying at Pawley’s Island Pier Condos . You can fish off the pier if you like, or play golf at the many courses near Pawley’s. {True Blue is my favorite} Great food is abundant, Try the Rice Paddy in Georgetown or Franks Indoors at Pawleys. Or best of all do what my wife and I do… nothing, other than an occasional walk on the beach. The place makes a great long weekend get away. During the spring the rate are very reasonable. No hotels on Pawley’s One B&B The Pelican Inn, the Pier Condos and houses to rent. Very clean and quiet and relaxing. Make sure you get winds from Myrtle Beach because the ASOS doesn’t work at Georgetown, and what is left of the windsock is a thin short ribbon. Mike 402MB

I subscribe to this publication. Unfortunately, it only comes out once a quarter.

I agree with that! I used to own condo 3G at Pawley’s Pier Village. A GREAT place if you want quiet, comfortable time away. The local Pawley’s Island motto is “Arrogantly Shabby”. If you want night life, a short (~30 min) ride north on US17 will put you in the Myrtle Beach / Grand Strand resort area, with lots of things to do. Along the way, stop to eat in the Murrell’s Inlet area if you crave fresh local seafood. For an unusual day activity, The Belle W. Baruch Institute for Marine Science and Coastal Research is just south of Pawley’s Island (just north of the bridges on US17 as you leave Georgetown). They conduct tours for the public. (They also have a 2000 ft. dirt/turf airstrip, but its not open for public use.) For the industrialist in you, the land the Institute occupies has an interesting history. It was originally a plantation. Its was bought and reconsolidated by Barnard W. Baruch, the rail/oil/land, etc. baron of the 1920’s. His daughter Belle (who was a pilot and had the airstrip built so she could fly in on the weekends) gave it to the state of SC as a nature preserve. It is run jointly by the University of SC and Clemson Univ.