Bahamian Trips

Many of you know that the>Bahamas sponsors monthly trips to the Bahamas for pilots and plane owners. These are usually Friday through Sunday, but are often timed to coincide with our 3 day weekends.
These trips include a discounted hotel rates, one or two meals, usually a cocktail party, often an activity and sometimes some freebies. The deal is actually quite good.
All participants travel via private plane and “Ambassadors” are available to help arrange the trips, answer questions and assist newbies with forms, procedures, etc. These trips are open to all pilots, are a lot of fun and you can stay with the group or go off on your own as much as you like. I strongly recommend them. More information is available
The schedule for the remainder of the year is:

April 28- May 6: Island Hopping
Lou Nistler:

May 26-28: Congo Town, Andros
Mark Steinberg

June 15-17: Exuma
Gordon Tubesing

July 6-8: Cat Island
Mark Steinberg

August 3-5: Abaco
Norman Bell

September 1-3: Marsh Harbour
Marty Kent

October 6-8: Green Turtle Cay
Terry Spurlock

November 10-12: Cape Santa Maria, Long Island
Gordon Tubesing

December 1-3: Nassau Paradise Island
Norman Bell

In the interest of full disclosure, I am an “Ambasador” and will be arranging the Labor Day trip. I do know all of the Ambassadors and all are quite knowledgeable and helpful. We are all pilots.

Please note that these trips are not “COPA trips” or sponsored by COPA. They are sponsored by the Bahamas Tourism Board and all pilots are welcome.

That looks like a lot of fun Marty- I hope I can make the Labor Day trip.

Me Too. It will be fun. I’ll probably extend my trip with a few days either on Cape Santa Maria (one of the worlds most beautiful beaches) or Andros and a few days in Freeport.