Turbo Cirrus SR22

Cirrus offers turbo SR22
Cirrus Design has announced a turbonormalized option for the SR22 to give it better thin-air performance. It’s designed for mountain pilots or those who want to fly over weather or take advantage of tailwinds. Turbonormalizing basically tricks the engine into thinking that it’s still at sea level by maintaining normal manifold pressure readings as the airplane climbs to higher altitudes. Tornado Alley Turbo, the same people who souped up the 2001 AOPA Sweepstakes Bonanza, will be providing the hardware through a supplemental type certificate. The airplane also will come with a built-in oxygen system, GAMIjectors (calibrated fuel injectors), and a new Hartzell lightweight composite prop. Cirrus did not release pricing or performance data. The stock SR22 comes with a normally aspirated 310-horsepower Continental engine.