Topic automatically closes?

Saw this notation at the end of a topic in “general aviation” category and wondered if this was a user-defined setting (if so, how?), or otherwise wondering why it appears for the topic? I’ve only ever seen it before in this website issues section.


As far as I know, Closing a topic or setting a topics timer are moderator, admin l, or Trust Level 4 member settings.

We will set a close date on some topics for various reasons, however it’s typically rare and administrative.

Found the topic…

Not sure why that was there so I removed it…

When a topic is created in the Website Issues category, erroneously in this case, and later moved to another category it retains the topic timer setting which is automatically applied to all topics in the Website Issues category, it then requires a moderator, admin, or TL 4 user to remove it.

This is what occurred with the topic in question and a couple others in the last few days.


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