Tips for landing at Altitude on short runways (2NC0)

I’m looking for tips for landing at altitude on a short (ish) runway. 5000’ and 2900’. And has anyone experience at landing at MountainAir in NC (2NC0)? I’m also interested to find out from instructors what power/speed/altitude they use in the pattern. Thanks.

Landed mountain air once. 2900 foot runway with cliffs on both ends.

Airspeed Airspeed Airspeed

Go practice at a 2500 foot runway until it makes you yawn. If you don’t have a 2500 foot runway close then practice landing and turning off at 2,000 foot mark on any runway…without stomping on yer brakes too hard. Be sure and let your brakes cool between landings if your on them a bit hard.

Flying into a mountain with a small slit to land on will be weird at first. When you go to Mountain Air the first time you will very likely be high and fast…go around and nail the next landing.

Do not try to force airplane on the runway as the little cliff at the end of 14 “only” has a 50’ drop off. Go around again if needed. For go around If your SR22 is NA Then best power at 4500 foot elevation may be slightly less than full rich.

Airspeed control Is key.

Go practice…have Phun

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I have landed at 2NC0 about 350 times over the last 25+ years. I would enjoy talking with you about it. There is a pilot’s club site that includes links to live weather and live cameras (5).
If you’d like you can fly in with me first.
It is a pilot’s paradise. There are a lot of people there with neat planes that have lots of aviation experience and who enjoy talking about flying with other pilots.
And the mountain itself is fabulous. The attached picture was this weekend.

Clark Jernigan


Thanks Clark I’ve emailed you look forward to catching up.

Thanks Brad. I’m off to do as you suggest this morning!!

Good luck Simon,

Absolutely take Clark up on his offer to fly in with him first time.

I’m betting Clark’s blood pressure is higher trying to find a mall parking spot during Christmas time than landing 2NCO

No problem for me landing my SR20 there, but in the summer I’m never getting back off the ground.

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What temperature and weight would be limiting for an SR20? Takeoff is downhill at 2NC0 and hi temps are low 80s at most. It was 57dF here this morning!

Limiting for both takeoff and landing can be easily calculated using the performance charts in your POH. Looking at pressure altitude at 4000 feet and given there is no 50 feet obstacle to cross I would say you are OK it when the temperatire gets up to 30 degrees C when landing. For takeoff you are good at just about any temperature up to 40C.

It is always good to add an additional factor for an older plane flown by other than a test pilot. But at this airport there are no arrival or departure obstacles so you have a bit more leeway. Of course all of this assumes you use proper “short field” technique.

Downhill would help as would 57F.

However, a 4,438’ field elevation with a temp of 80F yields a DA of 7,016’. No way can I get off the ground on a flat runway under those conditions in an SR20. POH shows 2,528’ of ground roll if flown perfectly. If imperfect, you’re going off the edge and into an NTSB report.

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