Taking possession

Can the bright COPA minds tell me if there is any benefit of taking possession of a new to me plane in Arizona over taking possession in Utah.

As in avoiding sales tax in UT if there is any? No.

But if you screw around and fly around making stops in AZ after delivery and before getting it home then theoretically AZ could come after you for sales tax TOO.

I think there is a certain form and some documentation done when taking delivery in AZ.

None I am aware of.

I also live in Utah and bought my cirrus from Arizona last year.

Absolutely. It may be 30F in blowing snow in Utah but 80F and sunny in Arizona [:P]

See here: https://www.aopa.org/advocacy/state-advocacy/utah

Not sure that I read that advocacy page right, but not sure that the page is correct. If you buy a plane in AZ and bring it to Utah, you will have to prove you paid sales tax in AZ or pay it in Utah. As far as property tax, they may call it something different, but yes they will assess a property tax on the plane. I think they call it a registration fee. You even get a sticker that the want you to put on your brand new paint. They will catch up to you eventually. May take a while though.