Stupid Cirrus Trick

Here’s the situation: You are flying, alone, at night, to a non-towered airport, on an instrument flight plan. You are in communication with approach control for your destination, have been told to expect a visual approach, and to report the airport in sight.

Here’s the trick: you tune the #2 Garmin to the pilot-controlled lighting frequency, set split comm mode on the audio panel (press the “COM 1/2” button), and reach over to the co-pilot’s yoke to press the transmit button five (or seven, or whatever) times. Voila, the runway lights up like the Las Vegas strip, and all the while you’re still able to listen and talk to approach control.


I like it. That is one of the most constructive posts I have seen to date.

Great idea! And all the while music from your Apple iPod can be piped to the headset that your dog is wearing (or cat for Glenn Beltz)! What an airplane! [H]