SR22 Instructor near Missoula

Can anyone recommend an instructor for an '02 SR22 near Missoula, MT? Unfortunately I’m not the one buying the plane or I would sign up for COPA (probably still will as the buyer will likely let me fly it[:D])

Word of advice, get you and the buyer asking questions on here since his life expectancy is inversely proportional to his participation as an active member here.


Getting him on a web forum might be like pulling teeth but I figure stalking here and sharing the knowledge will be the next best thing.

Bit the bullet and joined. This will be the second SR22 on the field I am on good enough terms with the owner to be flying so I’d better start learning all I can.

Questions still stands though…

Ask on the member side


Our pilot, Jason Nargi: 406-249-5505

jcnargi at gmail dot com