SR20 position

I recently experienced a severe automobile accident as a passenger. My son, a navy pilot, was driving. He was not hurt, but I suffered a severely broken spine and it is doubtful that I will fly again. I hold position 342 due for delivery April 02. I would be interested in selling the position or perhaps swapping it for a later position in the remote hopes that I will recover sufficiently to fly once more.

Gee sorry to hear that. I don’t suppose swapping for #368 is much help, only a month later.
Get well soon!

Would possibly be interested in swapping for #485…if interested email at

Sorry about your predicament, I hold pos. # 537 due Sept. 02 and would consider a trade if ur interested. Email me at Good luck.

I hold position # 762 for February 2003 Please Email if you are interestd in a swap